Phoenix Healing Arts

~ Welcome to Phoenix Healing Arts ~

 Shiatsu Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy & Kinesiology Services 

Book a Session Today & Experience your Renewal and Vitality! 


Do you want more Energy? 

Are you Healing an injury?   

Do you want greater Freedom in your Body?

Do you want less pain?  

Choose a natural method here, where your whole self is supported   

Physical : Mental : Emotional : Spiritual 

Experience Your Renewal. 

Enhance Your Health & Creativity. 

Embrace Your Balance.

Book your Sessions today!


Wellness Services to Enhance Your Life: 


~ Shiatsu Massage ~

~ Cranial Sacral Therapy ~

Sotai: Japanese Active Stretching Technique

 Heat Therapy


 University-trained Kinesiologist 

Exercise Therapy, Rehabilitation & Strength Training

Qi Gong and Yoga  


Metabolic Fitness & Peak Performance

 Aging Well & True Cellular Renewal 

Meditation Training

Advanced Metaphysics & Vibrational Psychology   

Course: Level I - The Prophet 

- April/May 2016 in Victoria 


Foundations of Shiatsu Massage & also Advanced Training 

Shiatsu Massage & Bodywork for Couples 

Stress Management 

The Essentials of Kinesiology Practice

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