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Kinesiologist Services 

A Kinesiologist is a University-trained specialist in Human Movement, Exercise Physiology & Exercise Prescription. 

As your Kinesiologist Rick Van Hassel implements individualized Fitness, Exercise & Wellness programming for clients interested in boosting their Metabolism, and /or increasing Strength and Cardiovascular capacity.  

Rick Van Hassel also partners with Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other health professionals to provide these services for such clients as ICBC and Private Funders for the goal of rehabilitation from injury, increasing wellness and the activities of daily living.   

As Education leads to Empowerment, each client is provided with individualized tools that empower and lead to a life of wellness. 

 Current Program

Yin & Yang: 

Massage and Shiatsu with 

Active Training 

Restore and Move with a Therapeutic package! 

Yin: Rest and Repair; Yang: Build Strength and have Fun!

     Whether you are getting ready for the winter snow season or healing from an injury, these services will support your efforts and bolster your progress.

This season Rick Van Hassel, Kinesiologist, Shiatsu Therapist and Cranial Sacral Therapist, is proud to be offering a package deal on health services. Enjoy therapeutic and restorative bodywork as well as get started on (or enhance) an exercise program tailored to your needs. 

2 Packages are offered to engage in this opportunity. 

1. 1 Shiatsu Session with 3 Personal Training or Exercise/Rehab Sessions. 

2. 2 Shiatsu Sessions with 6 Personal Training or Exercise/Rehab Sessions. 

Come train with Rick! 

Choose the package that matches your goals. Please inquire directly about rates as these will vary depending upon facility use.   

EACH Personalized Program will include the following training elements: 

  • Cardiovascular activity prescription from a measured baseline. 
  • Strengthening exercises from a measured baseline. 
  • Progressions given throughout program. 
  • Proprioceptive or balance training to stimulate the brain and improve coordination. 
  • Specific stretching and Yoga prescriptions to build balanced muscle and joint strength. 

Why receive concurrent Bodywork? 

The benefits of having a Kinesiologist provide Shiatsu Therapy or Cranial Sacral Therapy are comprehensive. Massage or bodywork assists us in improving performance, as muscle tensions are released and joints are assisted into their most attainable range of motion. 

Program Benefits: 

  • Gain Strength 
  • Gain Energy and Vitality 
  • Improve Flexibility 
  • Improve Balance 
  • Reduce Stress 
  • Improve Mood 
  • Boost Immunity 
  • Support an old injury 

Exercise sessions can be comprised of several modalities to assist in your total Wellness. 

These exercises may include:

  • Body Weight exercises, Yoga, and Breathwork
  • Strength and Cardiovascular training 
  • Utilizing Tubing and Stability Equipment
  • Yoga, Qi Gong and other Gentle Integrative Movements 

Please inquire about pricing, several packages are offered to suit your individual goals!

Training with Intention.  

For several years I have practiced how one may exercise utilizing moving meditation & Qi (Japanese: Ki), as in Martial Arts and other disciplines

(such as in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu and others).

In Western terminology this could be called Bioenergetics.

 In Yoga it is Prana.  

Work with your Energetic Self.  This act of focussed receptivity builds stamina and strength.  This reality has been proven through studies within the armed forces in individuals who practice Meditation. 

With Qi your training program will flourish & create true vitality.     

Rick has been a Practicing Kinesiologist working in Personal Training and Injury Rehabilitation since 2001. He has an affinity for training in the areas of functional strength and conditioning, cardiovascular capacity, and yoga/flexibility. 

As a Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Shiatsu Therapist and Cranial Sacral Therapist he has a deep respect for the restorative capabilities of bodywork, and since 2005 has been proud to offer therapeutic modalities to enhance performance and healing.   

Receive a Consultation: 778.533.0464

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