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Frequently Asked Questions...

1. What is Shiatsu Therapy? 

~ Literally translated as "finger-pressure", Shiatsu is a whole body massage therapy which was developed in Japan.  The roots of Shiatsu may be traced back to the origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Shiatsu Therapists are trained in many aspects of TCM diagnosis and theory. They also possess knowledge of Western Anatomy and Physiology for the ultimate in comprehensive care. 

~ Given either on a table or thin futon on the floor, a shiatsu therapist will stimulate acupressure points along meridians using thumb, finger and palm pressure, releasing tension and stimulating the body's own natural healing ability. 

2. What should one expect during a Shiatsu or Cranial Sacral Session? 

~ Shiatsu - Fully clothed, the practitioner will use gentle thumb, palm and elbow pressure as well as stretches and active techniques with you to elongate muscles and release joints and relieve muscle tension.  

~ Cranial Sacral Therapy - Fully clothed, upon a massage table the practitioner will use gently held hand positions to encourage the body to release tensions and adhesions from the fascial and Cranial Sacral Systems.  The pressure experienced is no more than the weight of a nickel.  

3. What is Sotai? 

~ Sotai is a Japanese form of assisted stretching and muscle release work that I frequently use in Shiatsu practice.  These techniques aid your body in releasing both acute and chronic muscular tensions. They are gentle and incredibly effective. 

~ "The pleasant sensation elicited by movement in harmony with the slow exhalation of each breath is the essence of Sotai Therapy" 
- Keizo Hashimoto M.D. 

4. Do we have to go to the Gym for Kinesiology/Exercise Therapy Services?

~ Of course not! Let's go outside!! Or we could use your living room!  

~ We will likely use a variety of modalities to improve your Health & Fitness - From Yoga, Qi Gong & Mediation/Visualization to Weights and Cardiovascular Training!  

~ The truth is that sometimes we require specialized equipment, however being healthy and strong does not mean that we need to spend hours every week in a Gym (unless that is what you are into).   


Registered Massage Therapy: 

The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia.

Shiatsu Therapy: 

Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia: Our professional association.

Shiatsu Society in the UK

Sourcepoint Shiatsu Centre - where I attended training from Ted Thomas, Saul Rosenbaum and others. 

Cranial Sacral Therapy:

Cranial Sacral Therapy - Langara College and other related training


British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists: Our professional association.

Herbal Therapy in Victoria

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